About a year ago I picked up Becoming a Technical Leader by Gerald Weinberg. It was a recommendation I had seen pop up a few times when I started looking into resources for growing my leadership skills; something I had recently decided it was time to do. A few years prior I had become very aware of the fact that at some point my career would change from "doing" work to "leading" others in doing the work; if I wanted to keep advancing my responsibilities anyway. This was a little bit of self-awareness in knowing that to keep going up my skills needed to change, expand, and grow.

It has been, so far, a really thought provoking read. So I'd recommend it to anyone whom may be stepping out from the down in the weeds; day to day into a larger world. One of the pieces of advice you'll find in this book (ch. 7) is a simple tool to engage in self-awareness and reflection; something that is pretty critical to this transformation.

Starting now, and continuing for three months, spend five minutes each day writing in a personal journal.

I managed to do this for only a few days. I'd get busy one day and say to myself I'll just do 10 minutes tomorrow... I kept telling myself I'd make up for it. Two days turned into three, into a week. It was partially a test of dedication and motivation. So while I failed the initial "test" I don't think it is time to give in just yet. So while I probably won't manage to dedicate the measly five minutes a day; at least I can use this site as a place to start holding myself semi-accountable.

I've not yet finished the book; it is about time that I get back to it! The queue is building up quite a backlog behind it.